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Translations of anything related to Japanese Music

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We translate stuff related to japanese Music. And we accept requests ^^
Hallo and welcome to this project "音楽の翻訳" or J-Music Translate!

This project started in October 2008, when ithroniel, yuhukili and flokati_san decided to practice Japanese through translating. And we decided to open up a place to make those translations public. Having someone who reads them keeps us motivated and I guess it will be helpfull for those, who don't know Japanese ^^
We do Japanese to English translations of almost anything related to J-Music. Currently, we can offer translations into German upon request.
At the moment, every translator in the community will translate a blog or similar thing on a regular basis. Which blogs are featured depends on personal preferences. Apart from regular translations there will be translated lyrics, interviews or whatever may come across :) We do accept requests, please scroll down for further information :)
We love Japanese culture and especially music. We do not limit this to J-Rock or J-Pop, as we like both and want to provide translations of all genres.

The translations here might include mistakes. We are still learning the language(and I guess we will never stop to do so). And nobody is perfect ;) But we will do our best!

Members are encouraged to post their own translations ;)

1) Be nice to each other! Doesn't need explanation, right? ^^
2) Use LJ-cuts under all circumstances ! ^^" We don't want to spam anyones friendslist, do we?
3) Tag your posts. This keeps it easy to search for something. Tags schould at least include the Artist/Band.
4) Keep your post's subjects clear and accurate. Best way would be: Artist/Band - Blog/Songname/Interview from MagazineXY - Date (not needed for Lyrics ;) ). Again, this keeps the community organized.
5) Posts must be friendslocked.
6) Please include the original text or a link to it.
7) DON'T use translations anywhere else without permission! Translating takes a lot of time and hard work. However, we are nice people and possibly won't say no of you ask us for permission :) BTW, credits would be nice anyways, ne :D
8) Any Problems? Please contact ithroniel.

9) These rules might change if it is needed ^^

All request should be posted here

!-! Before requesting anything, please check the tags and/or the memories !-!
1) If you request a translation, keep it related to J-Music. That's obvious, right? :D
2) So far, we want to limit it to printed material/text only. Video clips are often in rather poor quality. Having it written down keeps the time we need to translate in a reasonable amount. However, you might ask for video translations anyways. If we have enought free time, we might thinkg about it.
3) Provide as much material as you have. You do the research, we translate ;)
-If you request the translation of a magazine or the like, we need a READABLE scan. This means HIGH resolution.
-For translations of lyrics, we need a high resolution scan or a website with the japanese text. We prefer Kanji+Kana. Linking us to an mp3 or video of the song would be helpful as well.

Want to become a regular translator? We are recruiting! Contact ithroniel.

Hi! :) I'm a 23-year old (2008-status) university student from Germany. My name is Sabrina, but call me Ith or Ithroniel. I study East Asian Studies in Heidelberg, Germany and my major is Japanese Studies, that's why I want to practice translating here.
I do like various bands and various genres, so you might find various translations from me like Miyavi, Angela Aki, Gazette, Ayaka, Gackt, Monkey Majik, Kreva etc.etc
I'm as well the active moderator of this community and I keep track of the requests, so contact me anytime.

Regular Translation:
Although I'm a huge fan of Miyavi, I will not translate his blogs and stuff. The people at masakarasu are awesome translators. So there's no need for it and I probably won't be as good as they already are ^^". For the time being, I translate the blogs from Mao and Mizuki, both from Sadie. As Mizuki is posting way too many entries everyday, I will pick out the most interesting ones. In busy times around the year (like exam weeks and stuff) I might have to take a break, sorry ><
Feel free to suggest blogs to me ;)

Hello there, my name is Christiane and I am a 23 year old student. Currently I’m majoring in East Asian Studies at the University of Heidelberg (Germany). That’s also the reason why I’m part of jmusictranslate. But remember that I’m still learning the language so there might be some mistakes ^^’’
I do not have a favourite singer or band but I like Gazette, Mucc, Ayaka, D’espairs Ray and many others ^-^

Regular Translation:
I decided to translate the blog of Sadie on a regular basis. But feel free to make suggestions.

Hello, I'm the third of us and my name is Flokati. I'm also studying East Asian Studies at the University of Heidelberg.

Regular Translation:
I have major interest in Malice Mizer and Moi dix Mois, so mostly I'm occupied with translating their songtexts and Aesthetics (Mana's Blog on his homepage). I also like to translate old copies of Ma Chérie, the Malice Mizer fanclub magazine, since I've been asked to do this some times already.

Current Layout is only temporary. It is Black/Pink because the Admin loves that colour XD. We hope to get a well designed one soon. So long, please excuse the inconvenience or possible eye cancer ;) .